Figure skating, as impressive as it is from the technical side, has an intrinsic element to its beauty and popularity – well thought through, elaborate and stunning costumes and outfits. Depending on the style of skating – freestyle solo, pairs skating, ice dancing or synchronized team skating – the requirements and the style of clothes differ vastly, however, it remains one of the most crucial attributes in any performance. Over time, some people scored more on this end than others and performed wearing clothing that could easily go down in the history of figure skating as some of the most impressive outfits ever.

Knut Schubert and Birgit Lorenz

The pair represented East Germany in the Winter Olympics back in 1984. They both wore matching retro green and pink costumes, decorated in subtle geometric lines. A great detail was Schubert’s skates’ color, which was identical to that of the outfit and created an optical illusion of the skater having a lot longer legs. Though they were not awarded medals, they certainly presented great aesthetics when it came to watching their performance as the clothing and their movements blended together to create a magical sight.

Debi Thomas

Back in 1988, in the Winter Olympics, Debi Thomas wore a spectacular jumpsuit. One-pieces were not as common among women performers at the time, and on top of that hers was an elaborate work of art. A great combination of black and purple, beads and gems, plain color and elegant geometric shapes, the bodysuit emphasized her body shape in a very flattering manner and the dark nude top beautifully blended with her skin color, creating an illusion of her having her body painted and decorated as opposed to wearing clothing. On top of being impressively good looking during her performance, she went on to become a bronze medalist.

The Best Figure Skating Outfits of All Time
The Best Figure Skating Outfits of All Time

Sasha Cohen

Velvet is not the most frequent sight on ice. However, in the Winter Olympics of 2006, Sasha Cohen utilized this royal material and wore a dress that complemented the aesthetics of her performance and allowed for maximum flexibility and plasticity at the same time. With its dark red wine color and detailed golden embroidery, the dress resembled a detailed Renaissance garment and was a spectacularly beautiful contrast to the white background the ice offered. Not only wonderfully dressed, but also a highly skilled and talented skater, Cohen received a silver medal.

Mao Asada

A Japanese skater Mao Asada is mostly famous for breaking the world record for the short program, having received 78.66. However, it is also worth to note that during the performance she wore an incredible outfit – a blue dress with black and red accents sewn in a way that left space for speculation of weather it looked like feathers, a spider or some other elaborate creation. It had an illusion of sleeves and in general made her performance look not only technically precise and well-executed, but also magical.