Many aspects of an athlete’s life are of crucial importance when it comes to impressive achievements. It goes without saying that heathy lifestyle, dedicated character, and long hours of training sessions are a must if one is to become a renown athlete. However, one thing that is not to be overlooked when it comes to someone’s path to greatness in sports, just like in most other fields, is a coach. This person will stand by the athlete’s side, observe their improvement, give advice and criticize as well as offer alternative ways of improvement, all of which are essential for anyone looking to grow and achieve impressive results. Figure skating is an exceptionally demanding branch of sports, both physically and mentally. Thus, a supportive coach is a ticket to a successful career. It is important to decide who will help the young person in their path to greatness wisely for the groundwork that a coach lays will stick with the athlete for a long time, if not their entire career.

Consider your skills

Regardless of whether you are choosing a skating coach for yourself or if it’s parents picking a coach for their child, it is important to evaluate the lever of the skater first. While some coaches could seem highly appealing, they might not be willing to take up a complete novice and tend to focus on more advanced skaters. There is nothing wrong with choosing a lesser-known coach in the very beginning! Some people who perhaps did not have the possibility to achieve greatness in their respective discipline themselves might be a lot better in communicating the basics clearly and correctly in comparison to those who are highly advanced and put more emphasis nuanced details when it comes to skating.

Consider you skating preferences

If you are looking for a coach, the chances are you have already picked out the type of figure skating you wish to invest your time in. If you haven’t though, there are many things to take into account when it comes to a coach. Do you like to think of yourself as a person who likes structure and will take technical precision over artistic expression? Look for a coach that specializes in solo skating. Do you like to work in pairs or groups, flourish when you have to put your trust in other people and are good at inspiring others? You might want to think of a coach that trains pairs figure skaters. Or perhaps you have an exceptional ear for music and want to unleash your artistic side through skating and performing on ice? Then you need a coach for ice dancing. This decision is of great significance since most skaters specialize in one of these figure skating types throughout their entire career in order to master it.

Other tips

One thing you can do to figure out if the coach you were recommended or discovered is what you are looking for is asking to ghost a training session. That way you will be able to see them in action, understand how they communicate with their students and decide whether this is sort of teaching works for you. Don’t forget to ask around, including already advanced figure skaters if you can, because word of mouth recommendations can go a long way!